Wednesday, 4 May 2016

3 Ways to Play Android Games on Windows PC

It is not always possible to go with the installation and un-installation processes for checking each and every app on your smart phone or tablet. Better, you find some way to play the Android Games on a Windows PC which have a sufficient memory and space.
Playing Android Games on a Windows PC is not so hard as Intel has decided to launch “Dual OS” PC with Windows 8 and Android platform. This lets you booting your computer directly into the Android system, hence installing the apps or games on your PC. But, you won’t have to buy a new PC only for the purpose of playing a Game. Plenty of Android app emulators are available to run Android Games and Apps in almost all Windows environment.
In this article, we’ve brought 6 various ways to play Android Games on Windows 7, Windows 8 and even on Windows XP. Not only the games but you can also run any Android app at the Windows system.

1. Install BlueStacks to Play Android Games on PC

BlueStacks is a Android emulator which does not actually replace your operating system. Rather, it acts just like another software which is easy to install. Once you install it, you can run BlueStacks into a separate window at your Windows desktop.

Download Bluestacks

2. Install Android SDK to run Android Games on PC

Another alternative is the Android SDK, the official emulator for the Android app developers by Google. This tool is not a suitable choice for the daily use as it is slower and difficult to configure. This is actually useful for the developers to test the apps.

3. Play Android games on Genymotion, an alternative to BlueStacks

Another Android emulator is Genymotion which is quite impressive with its speed and features. It can be considered as the best alternative of BlueStacks.
It allows drag-and-drop installation of apps and games. You can test any app or game in a big screen. It also supports the sensor system and open GL.
You can download Genymotion from here.

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